Orwell’s 1984 didn’t just inspire David Bowie…

The beginning of this semester I had the pleasure to see the theatre version played at the Hudson Theatre. Among several panic attack symptoms during the piece the only feeling I had is just true amazement about how efficiently the message is being transformed in a super sick and creepy way with many new interactive tech solutions ( sound reactive set design and so on ).

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 16.53.29

This memory of what I’ve seen paired up with fresh knowledge on online personal data – thank’s to a Digital Security class lectured by Dia Kayyali and I also took a 5 day challenge related to tools which can protect our personal datas through using the www.

The documentation of Orwell_Etud_vol1

Orwell_Etud_vol1 IN PRACTISE

The price of clicking. We forgot about it and needs to be highlighted again. This is what the installation is dedicated for.

Part of it is a tricky question, reflected to the Orwell novel.

Big Brother says this plant is blue. Do you agree?

The user can choose among 3 different answers.

The first is, yes which is the only acceptable answer. The third is No, its green. That button is not even clickable by presenting, theres no chance to express your own opinion.

The second answer is I’m not quite sure… which if you click on it gives you a stigma, a stamp which says: THOUGHT CRIMINAL! This is the very light price and consequence of the user’s clicks but in a wider sense I wanted the use feel the deeper effect of using WWW and meanwhile giving out so many personal data that won’t imagine.


Orwell_Etud_vol1 HOW ITS MADE

  1. Find the right relay which works with solenoid. Watch random videos on it, waist your time, get mad, go back to ITP and dear to ask for help!IMG_3403.PNG
  2. TEST different stamps and go personally to the shops. Convince them that you are not a freak even if you want a personalised stamps which says “thought criminal”.


3. Test relays and watch again some youtube videos on how it should be wired! Tricky! Also start using external power and twist the 12V out of that tiny solenoid! Big change!

4. Don’t buy acrylic box at MUJI! They don’t fit under the laser cutter…MAKE YOUR OWN! And be very patient with the acrylic glue. One day folks!IMG_3458.JPG

5. Make your ICM part also! Liking the serial communication from p5 to the Arduino is not always a piece of cake.



6.  Try to add the ingredients and see what happens! I recommend at least a whole day for that. Start copy relevant parts from your secret diary to the box. Use permanent pen!IMG_3471.JPG

7. Ask friends to put their hand into your crazy machine. After half day stamping yourself with ink can be itchy and not especially healthy.IMG_3476.JPG

8. Never forget to make a video of your project, even if its only the first prototype of it! Otherwise how would you be able to say:” It was working yesterday?”


if you are interested in Digital Security topic check out the following links:

if you have any questions feel free to contact me!




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